Open space panel system

ARCHITECTS TEXTILE is an innovative acoustic panel system offering unparalleled possibilities to design interior spaces in a convenient, flexible, and effective manner.

This system is based on a two-sided, slender panel design that features a wide range of possible applications. The panels can be placed on tables, sideboards, or even the floor, as well as be suspended from the ceiling. In addition, they can be combined with one another to create a room within a room. All elements can be mixed and matched to fit your needs and change the configuration later on, if necessary.


ARCHITECTS TEXTILE is an acoustic panel system for the flexible zoning of open space structures. Can be used for sound absorption and sound shielding for all levels of the room. As a single panel or panel combination to place on tables, sideboards or even the floor and for vertical installation form the ceiling.

Quality facts

- Innovative panel system to provide flexible zoning options for open spaces
  and office environments
- Certified in high category for broadband absorption
- Effectively absorbs sound and flexibly provides noise shielding
- Can be placed on the floor/tabletops or suspended from the ceiling
- Two-sided slender panel design with concealed frame to flexibly attach
  to bases, magnetic bases, table clamps, suspension systems,
  connection elements (Build)
- Flexible design as a single panel, in a grouping of panels, or for ‘rooms within
  a room’ designs
- Custom panel sizes up to 3 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width
- A variety of fabric groups for greater design magnitude
- Assembly options are highly flexible: easy to change/reconfigure
- Emission-free and pollutant-free