Type of panel

Two-sided textile acoustic element fabricated in a slender sandwich-structured composite based on a dual shell construction with porous surface absorbers made of polyester fleece, featuring high-quality stitching and wrapped using select textiles and a concealed frame to flexibly and conveniently attach to bases, suspension systems, and connecting fixtures.

ARCHITECTS TEXTILE is certified in a high category for broadband absorption. It effectively absorbs sound and flexibly provides noise shielding.

Panel sizes

In addition to the eight standard panels sizes with a variety of connecting elements, the meticulously designed system is available in freely sized formats up to three meters in length and as an individually tailored solution. Each specific situation elegantly melds with the space in which it is used, yet retains a certain power of expression. It conveys tranquility and serenity, in addition to the improvement in the acoustic properties.

- Individual sizes up to max. 150 x 300 cm for units of 1 or more
- The feasibility of the ID panel sizes depends on the type of
  connection element selected

Panel variants

ARCHITECTS offers numerous options to effectively design modern office landscapes and reframe their acoustical properties. The panels can be placed on tables, sideboards, or even the floor, yet moved around as needed. In addition, they can be flexibly suspended from the ceiling. All solutions can be ideally combined with one another, creating individual zones within spaces or rooms. A tranquil and serene setting, both visually and acoustically.

ARCHITECTS DESKTOP– Free-standing solutions

ARCHITECTS desktop offers a number of options to easily and flexibly place panels on tables, sideboards, chests, and cabinets/cupboards. Unpretentious bases in specially selected anodized aluminum colors can be ideally combined with the textile-covered ARCHITECTS panels to form a perfect unit with an airy and debonair confidence. Likewise, the magnetic base solutions (magnetbase) offer unity and perfection and provide the basic requirements for setting up panels on metallic sideboards and tabletops. All desktop solutions are highly adaptable and offer well-defined aesthetics thanks to the ability to freely position panels.

ARCHITECTS AIR – Suspension solutions

ARCHITECTS air stands for panels that can be used with the cable suspension system. It is extremely easy to suspend panels horizontally or vertically from the ceiling. air standard offers the traditional solution using screws and anchors to suspend the panels. In addition, panels can be installed from metallic ceilings without any additional tools using magnet systems (air magnet). Or two or more panels can be connected (air link) to suspend one panel from another. With ARCHITECTS air solutions, there are many options to flexibly design interior spaces from above and they can be ideally combined with any system we offer.

ARCHITECTS GROUND – Solutions for partitioning

ARCHITECTS ground offers a range of solutions for setting up panels on floor surfaces. The Privat Wall and Little Privat Wall partitioning systems are based on the concept of an unadorned base that can readily accommodate the panel. The fact that the panel can be positioned horizontally or vertically is the special feature. As a result, the Private Wall system offers two heights and widths in one product.

ARCHITECTS BUILD – Connections for reshaping spaces

The BUILD fixture line opens up an entirely new way to set up open office landscapes and is an ideal complement to the existing solutions in the ARCHITECTS series for placing and suspending panels in interior spaces. BUILD provides a means to connect ARCHITECTS textile panels to enable virtually any number of possibilities in designing spaces. The high-quality fixtures are made of aluminum milled from one solid piece of material. They are remarkably easy to handle and they can be used to connect panels up to three meters in length. It is now possible to quickly and conveniently connect as many elements as needed, whether in a row, as a corner connector, an X-connector, or perpendicularly.