Support for Acoustic Design: Effective Acoustic Solutions in Interior Design

We can assist you in all stages of a project. Send us your idea and we can help you with everything from the initial estimates and the design stage, to technical implementation, ensuring that in the end you have a successful solution for your situation. Our design and technical planning team bundles its expertise in the areas of color, acoustics, and spatial properties. We recommend consulting with us as early as possible in your project planning process so we can provide you with the best possible support. The only way to ensure the project turns out well is to have the proper qualifications for a project.

// We offer the following services when we tackle a project:

- Phone consultation and estimate of the necessary measures
- Assessment of the rooms for acoustic treatment
- List of recommendations regarding the systems available
   through acousticpearls
- Cost estimate for the measures provided by acousticpearls
- Recommendations for other technical planning firms for acoustic treatment
   based on the requirements of the specific project

// Helpful for us to know:

1. Discussion of needs: for example, a brief description of the project
2. Definition of the specifications: What is the problem? Where does it occur?
    What needs to be improved?
3. Documentation for project planning: blueprints, drawings, renderings, etc.
4. Pictures: They help us better understand the layout of the rooms and
    better understand our customer
5. Budget: estimate of the planned costs

Just give us a call! We'd be happy to help with your project.

Clemens Lünig
Managing Director
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Area Sales Manager North

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Thomas Hoster
Area Sales Manager West

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Area Sales Manager South

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Daniel Sturzenegger
Sales Director Switzerland

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