Custom-made wall panel system

WALL COVER, the textile-covered panel system, combines excellence in several acoustic properties (class A-D ) with custom-made design options.

acousticpearls has grand plans to reframe your space with its new textile wall panel system, WALL COVER. With this product, you're the one who determines the format of the fabric-based panel so it fits your particular space. WALL COVER gives interior designers the opportunity to implement an acoustic panel system that covers entire sections of the wall using one or more wall panels.

Quality facts

- Acoustic panel system that covers entire sections of the wall
- Custom-made panel surface using one or more wall panels
- Three panel thicknesses available (21 mm, 51 mm, 111 mm) providing
  different degrees of absorption (high and very high/A-D)
- 90-degree angle solution EDGE
- Several collections of specially selected fabrics in a range of colors
- Can be installed easily and accurately, maintaining a slight distance
  from the wall
- Available with a slender rail system (10-mm design) or dual lock reclosable
  fastening system (for glass walls or backs of furniture)