Transparent open space system

ARCHITECTS GLASS is a transparent panel system creating peacefulness and tranquility without losing the clear view.

ARCHTECTS GLASS incorporates a purist, airy feel with a modular system and uncompromisingly expresses aesthetics and functionality in its own way. The slender glass panels can be placed in almost any way you can imagine: on tables, sideboards, or even the floor, just like you can do with the textile panel system. The double-sided system consists of a frameless panel (special 8 mm tempered safety glass) with a connection element in specially selected anodized aluminum.

The acoustic properties of ARCHITECTS GLASS are valuable in cutting back on disruptive environmental noises such as people's voices, providing you with an effective means to acoustically separate areas within a larger space.


Transparent screen system for the effective acoustic shielding and visual zoning with a maximum openness of light. Ideal for the sound shielding between work areas in open space structures.

Quality facts

- Patented glass panel series, special 8-mm toughened safety glass (ESG)
- Frameless, refined product design  
- Suitable for tables, sideboards, and floors (freely positionable)
- Effective noise shielding for open offices
- Ideal means to provide noise shielding between work spaces
- Can be combined ideally with ARCHITECTS TEXTILE