OFML Data for dealers and planners

Two of our panel systems, COLOR FIELDS and ARCHITECTS, are now available to specialist dealers and potential planners as OFML data on pCon.update, a data update software. You can now use pCon.planner, the free planning and modeling utility, to comfortably render high-quality drawings of rooms to design and present them in 3D, and even process pricing and other information required to prepare quotes.

What is OFML Data?

OFML data contains graphic data describing products in 2D and 3D, reference data such as prices and descriptions of items, and additional information relevant to specific configurations. This data can be processed using special software enabling you to visualize the products for your specific situation.

What is pCon.update?

pCon.update combines the advantages of the Web with the concept of OFML-based products. Product data can be made available online in an efficient, fast, and cost-effective manner. It is much easier to update data this way. The utility DataClient is used to conveniently update and install the data, enabling all users to access up-to-date database content virtually immediately. The result is a safer and more flexible way to update data. Using a CD to install or update software has become a thing of the past.

I'm already a user of pCon.update

Simply download the acousticpearls data through your existing installation of pCon.update (DataClient). Once you've installed the data, our pCon Guide will walk you through the rest. This handy guide provides a brief explanation of how to navigate through our two panel systems in pCon.planner. You always have the choice between freely configuring your specific situation and selecting a model configuration to help you get started on designing your set of panels.

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I'm a first-time user of pCon.update

Then sign up for our free marketing version of pCon.update. Once you've signed up, the acousticpearls data will be automatically made available to you. Following you can find information on how to sign up for the software and install it, too. Our handy guide, pCon Guide, provides a brief explanation of how to navigate through our two panel systems in pCon.planner.

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