Cooperation between the brands Phoneon and acousticpearls

To create a balanced acoustical design solution for small to medium-sized rooms: The Sound Butler from Phoneon is a cube-shaped absorber (acoustic column) that can be placed in a room to swallow disturbing reverberation deep into the bass range and effectively reduce resonance nuisance. In combination with acoustical wall panels, this creates balanced and pleasant acoustics in small and medium-sized rooms.The cooperation with acousticpearls promises one thing in particular: a wide range of options for demanding architectural design concepts.

The special edition Sound Butler is an exclusive patented solution available in a vast range of colors using high quality textiles. In addition, the designer edition combines ideally with the acousticpearls' COLOR FIELDS acoustic wall system. Whether elegant period offices, modern office lofts or prestigious conference rooms – the acousticpearls edition of the Sound Butler will satisfy the demands of a wide range of interior styles with its timeless, aesthetic design.

Both companies offer durable design products with the "Made in Germany" seal of approval and craftsmanship quality that is convincing in every detail.
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Quality facts

- Exclusive design edition of the patented sound absorption solution
- Innovative absorber with a wide acoustic band that eliminates acoustical
  deficiencies, even in the bass range
- Offers versatile usage and mobility
- Provides a balanced acoustical design solution for medium-sized rooms
- Individual design options thanks to 55 colors in virgin wool quality
  (Cavallo Piu by Création Baumann)
- Effective in combination with COLOR FIELDS, the wall design system
  by acousticpearls