Colorful premium wall panels with an excellent broadband absorption

More than just the sum of excellent properties, COLOR FIELDS is a wall panel system full of possibilities. Possibilities to audibly improve interior spaces, without having to make concessions in flexibility when individually designing them. The textile-covered panel family comprises a wide variety of formats, individual designs, and a large spectrum of color combinations. These aspects, together with excellent functionality through the modular system, enable the panels to be installed relatively easily. The numerous compositions possible help create inspiring, uniquely designed interior spaces. Make impressive visual statements, while enjoying the maximum in acoustic efficiency


COLOR FIELDS is a modular acoustic panel system for the design of surfaces. As a single panel or panel combination for vertical installation on walls, glass, furniture and from the ceiling.

Quality facts

- Acoustic wallpanel system in a timeless design for treating surfaces
- Ideally suited for small and medium-sized rooms
- Certified as class-A broadband absorber
- Unique variety of combinations, aided by solid- and multi-colored designs in
   an assortment of 143 colors
- Virgin wool, high-quality, decorative stitching
- Slender design (4.5 cm deep), straight lines, concealed frame
- Highly flexible mounting options, easy to change
- Emissions-, pollutant-free
- Awarded by the German Design Council for excellent quality design that is
  “Made in Germany”